Les temps tiraillés

Year of composition
Scored for
for 2 violas, bassoon and electronics
Georg Friedrich Haas

Commissioned by

IRCAM 2008 commission, computer design realised at IRCAM-Centre Pompidou Studios, IRCAM computer music designer: Robin Meier


World Premiere

Location: Centre Pompidou Paris / France
Date: 21.01.2009
Main soloists: Pascal Gallois, bsn; Garth Knox, vla; Geneviève Strosser, vla; Tänzer: Clémence Coconnier, Céline Debyser, Carole Garriga, Déborah Lary, Julie Salgues, Cindy Van Acker, Véronique Weil
costumes: Kova Coproduction : Centre national de la danse-Pantin (création en résidence), Association LOL, Ircam, Les spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou / Avec le soutien d’Arcadi (Action régionale pour la création artistique et la diffusion en Île de France).

Work introduction

Georg Friedrich Haas’s piece Les Temps Tiraillés (Time Torn Apart), was commissioned by IRCAM and the Centre Pompidou and premièred in Paris, with choreography by Myriam Gourfink. Haas says of his composition: ‘The electronics are contrasted with three instruments: a bassoon (Pascal Gallois) and two violas (Geneviève Strosser, Garth Knox). In the first part of the piece, the instruments become islands in the stream of electronic sound. Part two is extremely quiet, on the very edge of audibility and with the musicians moving around the room, whilst part three multiplies the instrumental parts to create a dense, almost orchestral sound.’