concerto grosso Nr. 1

Year of composition
Scored for
for 4 alphorns and orchestra
Georg Friedrich Haas
1st alphorn; 2nd alphorn; 3rd alphorn; 4th alphorn
3 3 3 3 – 6 3 3 1 – timp, perc(3) – strings (12 10 8 6 6)
Instrumentation details

1st flute (+1st picc)
2nd flute (+2nd picc)
3rd flute (+3rd picc)
1st oboe
2nd oboe
3rd oboe (+c.a)
1st clarinet in Bb
2nd clarinet in Bb
3rd clarinet in Bb
1st bassoon
2nd bassoon
1st horn in F
2nd horn in F
3rd horn in F
4th horn in F
5th horn in F
6th horn in F
1st trumpet in C
2nd trumpet in C
3rd trumpet in C
1st trombone
2nd trombone
3rd trombone
bass tuba
1st percussion
2nd percussion
3rd percussion
violin I (1st, 2nd player)
violin I (3rd, 4th player)
violin I (5th, 6th player)
violin I (7th, 8th player)
violin I (9th, 10th player)
violin I (11th, 12h player)
violin II (1st, 2nd player)
violin II (3rd, 4th player)
violin II (5th, 6th player)
violin II (7th, 8th player)
violin II (9th, 10th player)
viola (1st, 2nd player)
viola (3rd, 4th player)
viola (5th, 6th player)
viola (7th, 8th player)
violoncello (1st, 2nd player)
violoncello (3rd, 4th player)
violoncello (5th, 6th player)
violoncello (7th, 8th player)
contrabass (1st, 2nd player)
contrabass (3rd, 4th player)
contrabass (5th, 6th player)

Commissioned by

Ein Kompositionsauftrag des Bayerischen Rundfunks/musica viva, Wien Modern,
der Tonhalle Zürich und Los Angeles Philharmonic Association.


World Premiere

Location: Herkulessaal München / Germany
Date: 28.03.2014
Orchestra: Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Conductor: Susanna Mälkki
Main soloists: HORNROH modern alphornquartet Balthasar Streiff, Heléne Berglund, Rudolf Linder, Michael Büttler

Work introduction

“Alphorns are not seen as symbols of folklorist culture, but rather as the source of another dimension of intonation (overtone chords), used to create contrast and to expand the traditional twelvetone tuning of the symphony orchestra.” (Georg Friedrich Haas)

Haas not only has the alphorns provide the pure overtone chords but also deliberately introduces pulsing beats that are played by the orchestra as well. The fascination of this work owes much to this concerto grosso interplay.

Ensembles that have played this work

ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien
SWR-SO Baden-Baden und Freiburg
Los Angeles Philharmonic
Tonhalle Orchester
Tiroler SO Innsbruck